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Hello all. I've been thinking about everything that really matters to me (not people, lets not go there) and heres the list I came up with:

My Guitar
My Ipod
Jazz (Toni Morisson)
Other Random Things I've Read
Finding Something To Put Up On This Blog Everyday

Okay so I don't care about too much so big deal. Atleast I'm not lying. (Notice how all the lies are striked out) Now look at my list again. Read through it (striked out stuff too, cos its fun and I just noticed that button) Notice that *calculates*… uh.. 50% of the stuff I care about is music related. So I thought that maybe I should think about why I care so much about music. And if you care too, maybe you should think about it as well, cos anyway your reading a random blog right now which only proves that you have nothing better to do. And if you don't care, then well. Nevermind. I'm not judging you, but Nikhil is. (He really is, even if you don't know who the fuck he is.)

So heres some possible reasons:


Fuck it. I dont know why it does. If you're bored enough to write some pseudo strike the chord in your soul crap, then congratulations, you just replaced me as Second Most Bored Person in The Continent Of Asia Minus China (Chinese people don't get bored anymore cos of Tibet and the Olympics and everything. Think about it.) The First Most Bored Person, fyi, is a Very Brave Person in a little village in Afghanistan. More fun trivia on this blog some other time, and I'll go eat some thing now. Ta!

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