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Lately I've been noticing that i sorta like socks.

Note: in the improbable and highly unlikely event that someone happens to read this rant, i would like to say this-please keep reading. This is not as random as it seems.

So anyway, I've noticed that i sorta like socks. I say this because in the past year, I've stopped wearing my sneakers without socks (and no, my feet do not stink,so that is not the reason). Plus, I've also begun wearing socks with my floaters. (not because i like to show off the stripes).

I've also noticed that while I tend to dress like a dying blade of grass- in black, green, and brown; I like my socks looking all colourful and stripey.

I guess i like striped socks.

A lot.

I've been contemplating on my conflicting preferences (i.e. dead clother and happy socks) and I've come up with WHY my feet are clothed so differently from the rest of me.

  1. When i was a kid, my mom and dad liked to make me wear bright yellow frilly frocks. I grew up. Grew away from those revolting jaundiced shades. Chose not to pick any bright shiny shades. My feet though, remain faithful to my parents.
  2. I'm regressing. The socks are just a reflection of bigger, traumatic things.
  3. I'm actually a very happy person. All the dark clothes and blah is just me buckling under peer pressure.

I'm also terrily bored.


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